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The Avide LED panels as well as ensuring significant energy savings, is an innovative technological solution in terms of light quality and design.

It uses the latest generation of LED chip that provides uniformity of light, color, pleasant and very high efficiency. Replace a ceiling fluorescent tubes with an LED light panel means to enter a new visual dimension made of bright, uniform illumination and unparalleled aesthetics.

LED light panel with elegant design with anodized aluminum frame painted white. Adopt the most advanced LED technologies which guarantee the stability of the panel, high luminance, long life and no emission of UV and IR. The high quality of these panels LED light makes them the ideal replacement for traditional grid lights and fluorescent tubes, neon. Powered by a driver voltage constant current, ensure safety, energy saving and long life.

Designed to create harmony and uniformity of light within the. Thanks to modern design fits perfectly in any environment: Ideal for offices, homes, bars, shops, hotels and more. Can be installed on wall/ceiling with the possibility to fix it either horizontally or vertically. Can be cashed in counters of shops or bars, or used for reading X-rays and documents in transparency.


  • High brightness
  • Full lighting and uniform panel
  • Save up to 50% compared to panels with fluorescent tubes (neon) and 80% compared with traditional lights
  • Duration: up to 5 times higher than normal fluorescent tubes
  • Easy to dispose of; they are not classified as special waste
  • Low operating temperature
  • Easy to clean
  • Installation methods

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telefon: +36 52 794 696
Fax: +36 52 998 096

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