New product - Avide 10W Slim LED flood light

The Avide 10W LED SMD slim floodlight is one of the best lighting solutions around, ideal for extra security or for a powerful light for any outdoor space. Equivalent to 86 W, this floodlight is compact but powerful enough to illuminate an entire garden, car park or sections of a warehouse. Finished in a sleek aluminium black shell and rotational by 120°, this floodlight has the latest SMD LED technology resulting in better heat dispersion.

The Avide 10 W floodlight's robust casing is IP65 rated meaning it is protected against water and dust contamination. Giving off a neutral white colour (4000K) will make sure that nothing will be missed with this high power, low energy floodlight.

This floodlight requires little to no maintenance and will reduce your energy bills thanks to the LED output and 15,000 lifespan.

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