LED technology

The LED technology does not require the use of high frequency, emits a pleasant flicker-free continuous light.

The color rendering index (CRI) is better than the average fluorescent lamps.  Not vulnerable, as the light-emitting diodes embedded in solid resin. It does not contain harmful gases for the ozone layer and it is fully recyclable. One of the great advantages of LED light sources is the long lifetime.

AVIDE will bring you closer to the technology of the future and the userfriendly, visible quality! We hope it does matter to you in what kind of world our children will grow up. It is important for all of us to protect the environment and save energy. Here at AVIDE our main goal is to provide energy and cost savings to our clients in a way that they don’t feel that anything has been compromised. Look for AVIDE premium products in stores and make sure yourself what is our mission and creed.

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New desk lamps from Avide

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