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Lighting is our strength

We, the creators of the Avide brand, are always at the forefront of innovation and are adapting and delivering you with the latest developments in lighting technology. All of our technical innovations are designed to provide ever better solutions to our consumers, while aiming for the highest quality. Our product development team works hard to ensure that the characteristics and usability of our products meet consumer expectations, while always paying special attention to the high energy efficiency of our solutions, not only to save energy costs, but also to reduce the ecological footprint of our consumers. Over the years, we have continuously improved and refined the design and communication on the packaging of our products, to reach today's easy-to-understand but still modern and attractive designs.

Quality is our platform

One of the most important aspect of our product development was always to create high quality products and deliver them at the most competitive price. We are not using any unstable or non-reliable technical solutions that would result in short-term price competitiveness at the price of drop in quality, so we can deliver our products with a warranty of up to 5 years. We strictly follow national and EU regulations, all our products comply with the applicable CE regulations.

Wide assortment for our partners

We offer a wide range of products ranging from traditional bulbs to modern and special light sources, today our assortment consists of close to 1000 different products. Most of our products are based on LED technology, which allows us to provide all the benefits of LED revolution to our customers. We worked hard since 2012 to build the Avide brand and we always kept our focus on our core values, this is how we gained the trust of our partners and end consumers over the years and this is how we intend to go on. We are proud that today Avide is present in more than 25 countriesand can be found at more than 5,000 sales locations including a number of recognized domestic and international supermarket chains and DIY stores.

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