Changeable Color Temperature







3 year(s)




25 000 h




6 W

Equivalent wattage

31 W

Voltage range

220-240 V

Working temperature

-20 - +40 °C

IP Class



200 mm


200 mm


210 mm

Color temperature

2 400 K

Lumen output

300 lm

Color temperature


Beam angle

360 °

Chip type

SANAN FPC Filament

Color rendering index




No information

Packaging size

202mm x 220mm x 202mm


625 gram

Gross volume

10 515 cm³

Carton EAN


Pcs / carton


Carton size

620mm x 415mm x 245mm

LED Jumbo Filament Millau 200x210mm Amber 6W E27 2400K Dimmable

Detailed description

The LED filament products are professionally-designed light sources that can be used to effectively replace traditional light bulbs in most lighting environments.

This vertical line arrangement not only provides high brightness but can also produce a 360 ° projection angle. The advantages of LED lights are clearly visible here, their heat dissipation is low, thus they do not produce unnecessary heat energy, they emit light with maximum efficiency and thus can also be used at places where heating might represent a hazard.

The Avide Jumbo Filament product line brings back the classic, vintage atmosphere to your rooms. It can be used to create an interesting and cozy atmosphere that livens up the room. They fit into any E27 socket and provide the perfect mood lighting with their pleasantly warm (2400 K) color temperature, however, they are not suitable for use as main light sources. Thanks to the variety of available sizes, they can achieve their effect both in smaller and larger spaces. Being dimmable, the product can be customized even more based on personal preferences or features of the space to be lit.

As opposed to traditional LED technology, in the case of filament products the chips are placed on transparent columns separated from each other and are then covered with phosphorus. This is called COG or Chip on Glass technology. This procedure enables the replacement of traditional light bulbs both aesthetically and in terms of size. They do not flash, sparing they eyes this way. Switching them on and off does not shorten their service life.  As they do not contain a filament per se, vibration or shock does not necessarily result in the failure of the light source.

LED lights do not emit light by heating up a metal filament but by means of electrons, thus they have a minimal heat loss. You can save up to 80% energy compared to traditional light bulbs when using LED technology. LED lights produce minimal heat, thus they can also be used at places where heating might represent a hazard.

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LED Jumbo Filament Millau 200x210mm Amber 6W E27 2400K Dimmable


6 W

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