Avide recessed ceiling lamps


Avide recessed ceiling lights have a slim design that adds a modern look to a lighted room with its elegant appearance and almost flush design.

Equipped with state-of-the-art SMD chips that provide flicker-free light, they guarantee low power consumption and excellent light utilization. The housing is made of aluminum, the diffusor is a special plastic that gives a nice, even and pleasant light distribution. Due to the chips and the diffusor, the lamps have a high color rendering value (CRI> 80), so they faithfully reproduce the color of the illuminated space and its subject.

Due to their slim design, every element of the product line can be easily recessed into a suspended ceiling or plasterboard. They can also be installed in places where other conventional luminaires would not fit.
Once the correct hole size has been cut (the required hole size is marked on the product box), it can be plugged into the mains and easily secured with snap-on fastening tabs. Due to the wide variety, the products are especially suitable for a wide range of use.

They can be built into living rooms, corridors, kitchens and bedrooms, but can also be the perfect solution on different types of walls and ceilings in commercial and industrial areas.

The square-shaped recessed lamps range from 6W to 24W and come in three different color temperatures (3000K, 4000K, 6400K) in the Avide product range.