Avide LED glass tubes


LED tubes are often used with office lighting and warehouse applications and can be used in both indirect and parabolic light fixtures. They work well in areas that implement climate control and have standard heights for the ceiling, including storage areas, mechanic garages, and fabrication floors. Almost any LED tube is a great, energy efficient alternative to fluorescent tubes. They also feature improved color rendering (CRI), burn out less frequently, and require less overall maintenance.

About color temperatures

When installing or replacing your overhead lighting, it is important that you know about color temperature so you have lighting which is consistent spanning the entire coverage area of your application. Color temperature is rated on a scale called Kelvin (K) and color usually ranges between 2700k to 6500k. The colors available on the market will typically fall under 3000k, 4000k and 6400k. Avide features all major color ways. A lower Kelvin value will mean that the light output is going to be closer to an orange or “warm” or “soft” tint. “Cool” White normally references bulbs with a color rendering of about 4000k and are similar in color to clear metal halides. This color temperature is recommended for workspaces and offices. 5000+ Kelvin T8’s are the “daylight” equivalent with a glow that ranges from pure white to bluish white. Daylight color temperature is useful for any high-security areas, garages, parking structures and display areas.

The Tube Sizes

If the label is missing or illegible, you can measure the diameter to determine the size. The letter “T” will stand for tubular shape and the number will tell you the bulb diameter in eighths of an inch. T8 will have one-inch diameter, the T5 will have a 5/8 diameter, and a T12 will have 12/8 inch or 1.5 inch diameter.


Before installation, the fluorescent ballast of conventional fluorescent lamps must be removed, as LED tubes operate at 230V. Power is only required on one side, the connectors on the other side provide only the correct fixing and are not electrically connected. One spike is the phase, the other is zero. When replacing or adjusting, do not touch the live LED tubes light as the modified luminaires do not have a protective earthing! The Avide LED glass tubes are single-sided.

Avide Glass tubes are available in three sizes, three wattages and three color temperatures.