Avide GU10 LED spot lights


The GU10 light sources have two small pins / feet, which greatly facilitate replacement. The GU10 LED light sources are energy efficient, long lasting and even available in a dimmable design. The GU10 LED light sources are primarily used for local or mood lighting, but can also be used for other applications.

The color temperature of Avide LED Spots ranges from "extra warm white" to "cold white". In addition to the color temperature, they also have different color rendering indexes.
Other manufacturers name their various color temperatures, but usually the color temperature scale looks like this:

Old-fashioned bulbs usually have a temperature of 2700 ° K or "very warm white", while office lamps use 4000 ° K or "cold white". For a cozy, warm effect, it is worth choosing warm color temperature LEDs. For modern rooms or for example a bright white kitchen and a modern bathroom, we offer natural or cold white spots for brightness.

How to choose LED spot light?

In the case of Avide LED spotlights, the amount of light emitted to the "work surface" can be influenced by different optics / bulbs, which also control the radiation angle of the given spotlight. Narrow beam lamps (30-40°) concentrate light in a narrow cone, while very wide beam (60-100°) distributes the light on a much wider range of light over the same distance. For those who wish to purchase lighting for general household purposes, it is advisable to opt for a radial width of 30-40 degrees, as is customary with halogen spotlights. They usually have clearer glass and are best for illuminating kitchens, objects, counters. Spots with slightly darker opal or smoky shades, with a much wider lighting angle, are recommended in rooms, living rooms and suspended ceilings.

Can I use an Avide LED spot with a dimmer?

Avide's LED spot packaging always details whether or not the product in the box can be dampened. However, existing dimmer switches do not always dampen "dimmable" LED spots. This is because the dimmers on conventional bulbs are designed to reduce the load on the circuit. And the next generation LEDs are not compatible with them. In this case, however, it is possible to install a LED-specific dimmer. This work should always be done by a qualified electrician.

For aesthetic installation we recommend the Avide GU10 frames. A common type of LED fitting, GU10 fitting consists of a circular base with two bayonet pins. Spring buckles hold bulbs in place, mousetrap-like spring clips will self-adjust to walls with various thicknesses. No transformer is required – it can be wired directly to the mains. It’s that quick and simple.

Advantages of Avide GU10 LED bulbs:

  • low power consumption
  • lifespan up to 250 00 hours
  • high variability (4-7W)
  • high quality LED chip
  • high color rendering index: >80
  • several color temperatures