New product in Avide portfolio - Remo floor lamp


It lends an aesthetic look to any interior, whether it's the living room or the study. With its aesthetic and modern look, it gives your home a truly stunning look.

The lamp can be varied in 2 different ways.
One of the modes is dimmability (dimming): this feature allows you to adjust the brightness of the lamp in five different levels to adapt it to different moods. If you turn it up a little, you can increase the intimacy of a romantic dinner, or if you increase the brightness significantly, you can read or even play different board games in its light.

The second adjustable parameter is the color temperature of the lamp light. Like brightness, the color temperature can also be adjusted at five different levels between 3000 K and 6500 K. Lower color temperatures provide warmer, softer illumination and a more yellowish appearance. These warmer color temperatures are suitable in evening hours when tired eyes need to rest. Higher color temperature and cooler illumination are better in daylight when you need to see something better and with maximum visibility.

Due to its versatility, this lamp is suitable for every room in the house - living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc. The lamp also has an adjustable neck, which allows you to control the angle of the light according to your current needs.

The lamp body has a touch panel control panel with a power button, a brightness button and a color temperature button. In addition there is also a remote control with the ability to set the above listed functions and to control the light of the lamp.

The remote control has two timer settings: 60 seconds and 10 minutes. When the timer function is turned on, the light turns off automatically when the set time has elapsed. With this timer, you can comfortably go to bed with the lamp on and then you just wait for the lamp to turn off automatically.

The lamp has an extremely long life, with up to 30,000 hours of built-in LED chips. So you only have to buy it once and use it for up to 20 years without a problem. The Avide Remo floor lamp is designed to fit neatly into your home, office, study, bedroom, workshop, and look beautifully beside a reading chair, a sewing machine or even a desk.

The Avide Remo lamp is available in white and black.

Key Features of Avide Remo Floor Lamp:

  • Power: 9 W Conventional Watts Compliance: 42 Watt Width: 220 mm Height: 1800 mm Luminous flux: 500 lm Color temperature: 3000-6400 K Lighting angle: 170 ° Energy class: A +